About SingScore

Ruth McCall, Composer and Musician

It’s so hard to be truly organised. There should be a medal for personal grooming, packing the kids off to school, getting to work, engaging in both profitable and imaginative endeavours, and then reversing the whole process in time for Netflix. Many musicians (like myself), are too busy with the immediacy of life to focus on making their personal collection of choral music widely available online.

It was whilst working with the Sydney Children’s Choir that I was struck again by the depth and quality of music being produced by contemporary Australian musicians and composers. Likewise, while working for the Song Company as a soprano, I performed numerous new commissions, with composers producing scores on the high end of musical difficulty. Teachers and choir directors are constantly seeking new repertoire for concerts and tours. I realised that these resources were right in front of me. How can we access a greater range of children’s songs from young composers? How can we distribute commissioned works to a wider network? What is the faster way for someone to know whether a piece of music is right for them? Can we increase the royalty rate for composers for digital downloads which are convenient and economical for the purchaser?

I believe that together we can enhance the musical culture of singing Australians, and grow the benefits for composers and songwriters! I hope you will join us in this exciting new opportunity.

Kind regards

Ruth McCall