Price Guide

Prices for MP3 piano backing tracks are per item. Purchasing an MP3 file authorises you to distribute it to your choir members.

Remember that your purchase supports Australian composers, so please buy a licence for the number of copies you will actually make, including a copy for the conductor and the pianist.

Do you need an invoice to be sent to your school or organisation? Email us at with details of the scores and MP3s you require, along with the name and address of your company or school, and we will organise that for you.

For larger purchases above $150, contact SingScore to discuss your budget.

SingScore Song Categories

advanced adults

Advanced Adults

Up to 6 part harmony. Musically challenging.


mixed voices

Mixed Voices

Music for men and women


Community Choir

Community Choir

Songs for up to 4-parts


advanced Children

Advanced Children

Children’s music/up to 4-parts

young children

Young Children

Primary-aged/Unison or 2-parts



It’s never too early to plan!


lower voices

Lower Voices

Songs for male voices

upper voices

Upper Voices

Songs for female/treble voices



Sacred Music

Spiritual and church songs



Secular Songs

A wide range of themes


Unaccompanied Music

Acapella songs


With Accompaniment

With Accompaniment

With piano or other instruments