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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of licencing do you offer?

Purchase a licence to print copies from the PDF (minimum of 6). Buy as many licences as the number of copies you need to print

Do I need to purchase scores for conductors and pianists?

Yes. You need to purchase a copy for the conductor and pianist as well as the members in your group/choir.

What if I just want one score?

The minimum purchase is 6 copies, however if you are doing a research project and wish to buy one copy of multiple scores, contact SingScore and we can see how we can help.

What about bulk purchases of scores?

Contact SingScore for purchases over $150 to discuss your budget.

Can I send the PDF to my choir members and ask them to print out their own copies from the PDF?

As the purchaser, you are authorised to make the copies on behalf of your choir, but not to distribute the PDF email files electronically due to copyright regulations. You may email them to your school/choir secretary for printing, with the understanding that the PDF file is not to be distributed beyond that point. (This is to help protect the composer’s work.)

Can I get an invoice sent to my school/choir?

A tax invoice as well as an invoice from PayPal will be sent through automatically. If you don’t receive an invoice, check your junk folder, or contact SingScore and we can resend it. 

Can I distribute a piano backing track to my choir members?

Yes! You only need to purchase one backing track and you can make it available to your group as required.