Andrew Schultz 


What is your musical background?

I was born in Australia and live in Sydney. I studied at the Universities of Queensland, Pennsylvania and King’s College London and have received awards, prizes and fellowships. My music covers a broad range of chamber, orchestral and vocal works and has been performed and broadcast widely by leading musicians internationally.
I have held many commissions including from all the major Australian orchestras. Some of my larger scale works including three operas (Black River, Going Into Shadows and The Children’s Bach) which have been presented live and on film around the world. Other major works include three symphonies, Journey to Horseshoe Bend, Maali, Endling and Song of Songs. My residencies and academic posts include placements within Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the UK and USA.

What is your advice to singers performing your works?

When I compose vocal music I always start by thinking about the text and what it means to me. So I would say anyone singing my music should spend a little time understanding the text and how it relates to the music. After that, it’s all hopefully just as written in the score. Beauty of sound, depth expression, accuracy and energy are all things I value very much in performances of my music.

Ekstasis (SSATBarB solo voices)

Wild Flower (SSATBarB)

Magnificat (SATB)

Ring Out, Wild Bells (massed choir, SSA and organ)

Nunc Dimittis (SSAATTBB)

Burnham (SA childrens’ voices with small bells)

Griffin (Childrens’ and adult choirs SA-SATB)

Dominion (SATB with piano)

What are your favourite pieces you’ve composed?

I really enjoy composing and always have! 
I can’t imagine doing it if I didn’t enjoy it so I have trouble picking favourite pieces – that would be a bit like picking a favourite child. They all have different characters and I like the fact they are not all the same as each other. Some of the big pieces I’ve composed like my Symphony No.3 – Century and Journey to Horseshoe Bend show one side of my personality whilst the smaller vocal works like Wild Flower and Ekstasis are more personal and intimate. 
My most favourite piece is always the one I’m working on now – even when it is not quite going the way I expect it to!

Andrew talks about writing text

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Ekstasis by the Song Company