Clive Lane

Composer and musician

What is your musical background?

My first musical instrument was the classical guitar, but eventually I wanted access to other forms of music so I studied clarinet as my main instrument in an undergraduate degree at the Sydney Conservatorium. During that four year course I also played cello, bassoon and trombone, while participating in various choirs around Sydney. After graduating I was a high school music teacher for many years, conducting choirs and bands and arranging and composing music for school ensembles. An MMus degree at UNSW kept my brain stimulated, but I increasingly felt that composition, rather than musicology, was my love, and now, after retiring early from teaching, I am happily composing full time. I sing in choirs (Bel a cappella, Coro Austral) and continue to play in several ensembles (Consort 8, Concordia Guitar Trio, etc.) around Sydney.

What is your advice to singers performing your works?

I have taken great care in tempi and dynamics in order to make each piece speak convincingly. With that being said, if the performers can come up with better ideas – go for it!

What are your favourite pieces you’ve composed?

My favourites are I am the Rose of Sharon and Full Fathom Five.

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non-vocal music: Wirripang

viola de gamba: Saraband Music

recorder music: Orpheus Music

Consort 8 “Air”