Katy Abbott

Composer and Mentor

What is your musical background?

Is a little unusual in that I started music seriously in my late twenties. I do sing (but not to perform) and use my voice a lot whether I’m composing vocal or instrumental music. I started a Grad Dip in Composition in my late twenties and then did an MMus and PhD to complete my training, in addition to family life and living in different places. Since then, I’ve worked in music, including being a member of staff at Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and mentoring artists in how to navigate the industry and have holistic vibrant and impactful artistic career without burnout.

What is your advice to singers performing your works?

The intention of the work is very important to me in the composition process.  Additionally, my work often tells some sort of narrative so I believe having enough time in rehearsal to get “beyond” the notes allows the nuances to be explored and communicated to the audience will bring out the best in the piece.

Songs by Katy:

Eyes (3-part voices with guitar)

Here I Come Home (2-part treble with piano)

Rainchant (SSA with piano)

Famous (2-part treble with cello and piano)

What are your favourite pieces you’ve composed?

I’m pretty proud of my choral work. Words of Wisdom and Famous are two that stand out to me because they are quirky, fun and require the singers to work together to be successful in performance.

Words of Wisdom – Gondwana Chorale

Contact Katy Abbott:

website: katyabbott.com

Australian Music Centre: Katy Abbott

Those Other Things – Gondwana Chorale