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3-part treble with piano


Composer: Sam Weiss

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Sam writes: Holocaust remembrance is at the core of my 6 commissioned works in my role as the Sydney Children’s Choir’s 2020 Composing Fellow, in partnership with the Sydney Jewish Museum. It has been an immense challenge exploring how I can best introduce children as young as 6 to the very sombre, serious and harrowing history of the Holocaust, while recognising that the Jewish Museum does not recommend exposing this history to children younger than 12. I have thus taken the approach of exploring core themes such as remembrance, tolerance, coexistence and peace in my works.

The Hebrew verse –  Enosh (Psalm 103) – is a psalm written by King David that is recited during the Yizkor (Remembrance) service in the Jewish faith, preceding prayers for deceased loved ones.

Enosh is written in memory of the children lost in the Shoah.

Live except provided courtesy of the Sydney Children’s Choir.



3-part treble with piano

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