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O Quam Preciosa

SATB with divisi


Composer: Ross Edwards

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Ross writes: O Quam Preciosa is the first in a collection of three works titled Mountain Chant. It is a setting in the original Latin by the 12th century Rhineland mystic, Hildegard von Bingen, whose startlingly fresh imagery of spiritual regeneration I found irresistible. Mountain Chant, composed at a time when Australia seems more than ever in need of spiritual regeneration, was jointly commissioned by two leading Australian choirs: Cantillation & the Melbourne Chorale, each of which received assistance from the Australia Council. It is dedicated to my friend and collaborator, Fred Watson, Astronomer-in-Charge of the Anglo-Australian Observatory at Siding Spring in the Warrumbungles, who also provided the text of my choral Fourth Symphony, Star Chant.

The trilogy:

  1. O Quam Preciosa
  2. Mountain Chant
  3. Oratio Dominica (the Lord’s Prayer)

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O Quam Preciosa

SATB with divisi

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Please note that the performance of O Quam Preciosa starts at 6’30” in the video below.