Lachlan Massey

Composer and Conductor

What is your musical background?

I studied classical voice at the Sydney Conservatorium and now have the best job ever as Artistic Associate at Gondwana Choirs, where I am lucky enough to conduct many Sydney Children’s Choir ensembles, including the awesome Junior Performing Choir. I also run a small children’s opera company called Musgrove Opera, and we produce new work each year to perform at the Sydney Opera House in schools.


What is your advice to singers performing your works?

I try to work on tone first. My theory is – if it’s in tune (supported) and the vowel is correct and unified – you’ll generally produce a nice sound. I record most rehearsals I conduct, and then listen back to them later to take notes on things I might have missed – in most cases, it’s diction. My motto ends in “…oh, and have fun!” and I really do believe that the friendly and engaging atmosphere created in rehearsal is one of the biggest influences on the sound a choir will produce.

Songs by Lachlan:

Bolt (SA with piano & backing track)

I am Glad to Tell (SSAA with piano)

Gliders (SSA with piano)

The Lonely Beach (SA with piano)

What are your favourite pieces you’ve composed?

I wrote a piece called The Lonely Beach for the SCC Junior Performing Choir earlier this year and I like it mostly not because of the piece itself but because of the good memories and the enthusiasm with which they took it up!

Morning in the Bush

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