Ruth McCall

Composer and Musician

What is your musical background?

I completed an Honours degree in singing at the Elder Conservatorium of Music at the University of Adelaide, and from there I joined the Song Company, where I sang soprano with them for 14 years. I was privileged to be involved in many different types of programs and styles of music, and to meet singers and children and audiences all around the world. I learn the piano when I was young, so that has helped me with my music-making, teaching and accompanying.

What is your advice to singers performing your works?

Pay attention to detail; especially dynamics and tempo, and if your choir needs to adapt the score and make some changes, then go for it!

What are your favourite pieces you’ve composed?

My most popular piece is a reworking of Waltzing Matilda, but I am pleased with my versions of Agnus Dei and Sanctus. A long-term project of mine is to finish writing a Latin Mass for choirs, soloists and orchestra. A bunch of musicians and choirs got together to make a protest video of the Skye Boat song, and I am proud about that for a different reason.

The Duck Video

Waltzing Matilda Video

Skye Boat Song Video


Ruth McCall is a composer who applies to her compositions the most refined sensibilities of her extensive experience as an outstanding performer. Her works are clever, filled with humour, and her innate musicality always shines through. This repertoire is eminently performable and deserves wide exposure!

John Davis, the Australian Music Centre